Balenciaga Clothing Jeans Black Silver White Cotton Denim Genuine Leather Vintage Casual

Balenciaga Clothing Jeans Black Silver White Cotton Denim Genuine Leather Vintage Casual

$112.00 $146.00
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💰148 Style No. Cc516
(Top replica version)
Balenciaga FW223 washed fit straight casual jeans
Top version of the original replica, sold simultaneously on the official website, original version 1:1, feel free to compare quality
The workmanship is exquisite and the details are visible. Customized high-quality zippers are smoother to push and pull without getting stuck. The hardware buttons are all original and customized, focusing on restoration
Using imported Turkish fabrics and selected cotton denim fabrics that can be worn in all seasons. The texture of the cloth surface is clear and natural. It is polished through the washing process to bring out a light-colored aged effect, which is more Style features.
The troublesome point in the process of imported cone fabrics is that the hand-tied flowers must be flat so that the whole white horse is very straight and no wrinkles can be washed. It needs to be washed twice and then fried with salt to get the effect. The trouser legs and belts are made by hand. The ones that are ground and hand-picked are very rigid and boring. They need to be hand-picked to destroy the reserved positions for warp and weft. The front gear hardware is imported with an ancient silver logo, flat nails, denim thread material, and British sewing thread
The design is simple and very special at the same time. The unique genuine leather brand on the back waist has a retro atmosphere, especially the curling design, which distinguishes ordinary jeans in one second! If you look closely, you can see that every process and texture are very fine and the color is perfect
Color: washed black
Size: S – (L) 80 104 170-180 About 160 Jin
34(XL) 84 106 175-185 About 185 Jin


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