Balenciaga Clothing T-Shirt Black White Embroidery Short Sleeve

Balenciaga Clothing T-Shirt Black White Embroidery Short Sleeve

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💰99 style number 612 Double-sided correct version BALENCIAGA\/Balenciaga jointly branded Adidas Adidas classic LOGO combination embroidery front and back reversible short-sleeved T-shirt\r✅No.1 quality in this market, real ceiling quality\r✅All original development attention Detailed pictures to avoid being stolen and mixed by merchants\r✅Correct 260g custom-woven and custom-dyed double yarn fabrics, custom-dyed threads, no color difference\r✅Imported Tajima embroidery machine 25-needle embroidery, embroidery effect is full, three-dimensional and clear, no burrs\r✅Color fastness Good color, no deformation, overweight craftsmanship, different market currency\rHere I will explain why mine is a little more expensive than others,\r1. It seems to be simple printing or embroidery, but it is not simple at all. 10000% imported machine restoration is not just a lip service, welcome to compare with peers\r r\r2. Each model is produced by the company, and the details of the workmanship and fabrics are consistent with the original ones. It is guaranteed that there will be no color difference from the counters. Reproduction is not scary, whoever is fake will be embarrassed. It’s not shameful to make a replica, it’s shameful if you can’t buy the correct version if you make a replica. \r\r3. Note that the threaded necklines are all from certain countries. The original neckline has a high wrapping degree. The neckline width and cabinet are accurate to millimeter thickness. The neckline is not easy to deform. The high-end product neckline is lonely and is restored. The difference between the cabinet and the world is a big collar. Ordinary garbage short-sleeved print. The clavicle of the printed upper body is leaking out, so I dare to call myself a high-end version. Please worry. Customers who have bought genuine products or seen genuine products will come back to place orders when they buy our products. This is quality. This is quality. 4. Different styles of washed wheat and main wheat. Including imported wheat, the colors and codes are different to truly restore the counter. As we all know, Balenciaga’s collar labels of each quarter have different English or different colors to distinguish them from fast food products with the same main wheat and washed wheat\r\r5. Pay attention to the stitching on the collar of the workmanship. No folding, smooth and natural, no overlapping lines, truly restored, which is something that many people cannot do\r\r6. The fabric is made of 260g Paris-specific double yarn fabric. No one can do it better than my family, and the ordinary version on the market really can’t do it. Rather than respecting the quality of something that costs thousands of dollars and is genuine, don’t wear the quality of street stall goods\r\r7. The workmanship is fully restored, the packaging is fully restored, and the cost of full restoration is huge\rColor: black and white\rSize: s-xl


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