Supreme Buy Clothing T-Shirt Printing Cotton Knitting PVC Short Sleeve

Supreme Buy Clothing T-Shirt Printing Cotton Knitting PVC Short Sleeve

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The top version of Supreme 22SS Gas Tee Iron Dollar Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt
For us who focus on top Sup products, this short sleeve is naturally available
Using cylindrical seamless technology (original craft clothes There are no gaps on the sides (key point of identification)
The fabrics are all custom-woven and dyed, 280g weight, 100% cotton, cylindrical fabric. Cylindrical fabric is a knitted fabric woven with a cylinder loom, and the needle is on the fuselage. It is distributed in a cylindrical shape. The gray fabric is a large cylinder, which needs to be opened and shaped before it can be used further. There is no slit on the side of the clothes, so there is no washing label on the side of ordinary short-sleeves. There is only a collar label behind the neck. Printing uses thermoset ink printing, also known as plastic ink, or self-adhesive ink. Its ingredients are: mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and phthalates, which combine PVC and phthalates. Formate, color-fixing agent, stabilizer, and thickener are mixed to form thermosetting ink. It is not the digital direct printing advertised on the market. The printing texture of thermosetting ink cannot be achieved by digital direct printing. The collar label has a watermark anti-counterfeiting effect, which is authentic. Anti-counterfeiting layer, the probability of passing the inspection version, the original packaging picture has a high probability of passing
Size: S-XL


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