Supreme Clothing T-Shirt Black White Cotton Knitting Short Sleeve

Supreme Clothing T-Shirt Black White Cotton Knitting Short Sleeve

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Top version of Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee 25th Anniversary Swarovski short-sleeved T-shirt
1. Using cylindrical seamless technology (the original technology has no gaps on the sides of the clothes)
The fabrics are all custom-woven and dyed, 280g weight, 100% cotton, cylindrical fabric. Cylindrical fabric is a knitted fabric woven with a cylinder loom. The needles are distributed in a cylindrical shape on the fuselage. The gray fabric is a large cylinder and needs to be opened and shaped. After that, it can be used further. There is no slit on the side of the clothes, so there is no washing label on the side of ordinary short sleeves. There is only one collar label behind the neck
2. The number, size and alignment of the hot diamonds are all consistent with YB The machine adopts German ultrasonic hot drilling machine or hot sheet welding machine. Its principle is to use the ultrasonic host to output ultrasonic piezoelectric signals, convert the ultrasonic piezoelectric signals into mechanical energy through the piezoelectric transducer, and then push the workpiece to rub against the pasting surface at high speed. , the heat generated by the friction of the workpiece quickly melts the rubber on the contact surface and combines them into one, thereby achieving the purpose of sticking. Since the pasting accessories are directly fused to the bonding surface, the pasting structure is very strong and not easy to come off
3. The collar label has a watermark anti-counterfeiting effect, a real anti-counterfeiting layer, a probability of passing the version, and the original packaging picture has a high probability of passing
4. Equipped with YB packaging bag handbag
Color: black and white
Size: S~XL


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